Monday, January 31, 2011


I was always told growing up that the eyes of potatoes are poisonous. Turns out there's some truth to that (no, I didn't eat them myself, I looked it up online), but as long you stay away from green potatoes and cut the little squirrely protrusions off before you cook the spuds, you'll be just fine. I report this because I had a bag of potatoes sitting on my counter for a few weeks, and one of them had started to sprout.

Having firmly learned my lesson about using the larger skillet with unknown recipes, I decided to go one step further with my potato and egg curry and use the spaghetti pot. After assembling the initial ingredients, I confirmed this was a wise move. In addition to the spices called for in the recipe, I added dashes of ground ginger, cinnamon, and ground cloves (which I finally managed to find, after checking three grocery stores, in my mother's cupboard of all places, so I pilfered it). I also left the potato skins on because it adds vital nutrients to the dish, and I like the flavor.

Words cannot properly describe how absolutely delicious this concoction smelled even before it was simmering away on the stove. My dabbles into Indian cuisine have taught me immeasurable lessons on the beauty of spices. If you, like me, had little experience with herbs and spices in your formative years, I strongly suggest grabbing an Indian cookbook and going to town! (This one is a good introduction and doesn't require a lot of rare spices that you'll never use again: 5 Spices, 50 Dishes: Simple Indian Recipes Using Five Common Spices.)

Sadly, I was out of garlic naan and brown rice sounded so boring, so I served the curry over the last of my couscous, a more than adequate pairing! As stated in the comments to the recipe, the dish definitely benefits from added spices. Mine also ended up a bit eggy, so adding one or two less eggs wouldn't hurt either. 

As this is the last day of January, potato and egg curry also marks the last Indian dish that I will be reporting on for some time. (I am by no means retiring Indian cuisine from my repertoire; I will just be embarking on a new cuisine journey starting tomorrow.) India has taught me a lot: what masala means, how you don't need a roux or even a lot of ingredients to make curry, that cinnamon is an awesome spice... I think this was a great choice for starting my 2011 food adventure. I now am armed with a well stocked spice cabinet and valuable lessons on the size of the ideal skillet!

Next month we move to the other side of the world and tackle...

...Scandinavian! Which will be interesting considering their diet is largely based on meat, and I have chosen to be vegetarian. A challenge, indeed.

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