Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quiche Continued

I feel that I must somewhat retract my statement about my grandmother's pie crust because I have since learned something: it makes a good quiche crust. For a few days after New Year's I was visiting my mother, and one day we invited my grandfather over for dinner. I had been telling him and my mother about my latest cooking discoveries, and it was decided that I would make a quiche for dinner. Mom chose the ingredients: broccoli, mushrooms, and an assortment of cheeses. She also wanted ham, but it turned out that we didn't have any. While she made her pie crust for the quiche, I mixed up the fillings from vague memories of what I had done before and checking with an ancient cook book of my mother's that was really not as helpful as I think she had hoped. But I'm getting pretty good at this fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants cooking, so I was feeling confident that this no recipe quiche would turn out.

And it did! I forgot to mix in the ground nutmeg, so I ended up sprinkling it on top with some shredded Parmesan cheese, which didn't hurt the dish at all. I think it could have benefited from more salt, but I hate to over-salt things, and it's easy enough for the diners to dash on some salt to taste. Same with pepper, which I rarely cook with, but a number of my family members enjoy pepper on their eggs.

I think that in the future, I could try to make a quiche with crust, though I am not convinced of my need to since it's probably healthier without. My grandmother's/mother's pie crust is still pretty tasteless to me, but it made a nice backdrop to the egg and cheese. I certainly don't want the crust to take center stage! But it gets me thinking. Can I make a crust that is enhancing to the filling while having a little more flavor than Mom's? Such an undertaking would require some studying of various pie crust recipes, which I find kind of exciting, but the fact that I do not like pies nor crusts does not change.

But since my quiches have gone over so well, I think that one day I will attempt to bake a dessert pie. Perhaps this summer when I can buy fresh berries from the farms, I will make a berry pie. I have long wanted to try making a Dutch apple pie, as well, which I think will be a project for next Fall when I can go to the orchards and pick apples myself. But before apple season comes blueberry season, and I am very excited about going to the farms for fresh blueberries and all the wonderful concoctions I can discover for them! My mouth is watering already.

Incidentally, for those interested in their own quiche adventures, there is this book: The Best 50 Quiche Recipes. And for newbies, I definitely suggest you give quiche a try!

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