Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did it all for the cookies.

When my friend Jeannine asked me if she gave me half the resulting batch, would I bake some bomb cookies for her, I said yes! Everyone at work who saw me with the bag of mix (just add one egg and half a cup of butter, then bake) was impressed and praised the tastiness and naturalness of this brand, Among Friends.

I had never heard of Among Friends, but I am not from Ann Arbor (so back off, people!), and I quickly learned that Among Friends was started by some local women who wanted to make “healthy” cookies for their children. (The quotes are mine because I remain unconvinced any cookie is truly healthy.) They turned their endeavors into a business and they seem rather successful! I was also told that they buy the chocolate chips for their cookie mixes from our store, probably because it's so difficult to find dark chocolate that is lactose free. (Go figure.) Our good prices probably don't turn people off either.

So on Tuesday – Fat Tuesday to be precise - before work, I took out this much-talked-up bag of cookie mix and read the directions. I was a little skeptical at first about adding butter and eggs to a pre-assembled mix like this. I've always found it difficult to properly stir the mixture when I add the chocolate chips too soon, or otherwise mess with the order. But I did like the bag said and added my one egg and half a cup of mostly softened butter.

The bag told me to stir everything with an electric mixer, but I don't have newfangled fancy technology like that in my kitchen, so I beat it with my trusty white plastic spoon. And when that didn't work, I washed my hands thoroughly and squished it all together myself. The brown sugar was particularly stubborn, and I was still finding little chunks while spooning the dough onto a greased cookie sheet.

The directions warned me not to over-bake them, so I carefully set the timer for 9 minutes. For the first batch. Totally forgot that step when putting in the second batch, so they got a tad more done than the first, but the cookies were still moist and delicious, just with a little extra crisp around the edges. Then, of course, I forgot to bring them into work with me and had to jog home to retrieve them at lunch time. (It's a handy thing walking to work.) There are just so many things to think about during the day that a couple items are bound to get lost along the way, am I right?

Everyone who tried them agreed they were some of the best cookies we've ever tried. I will definitely keep an eye out for Among Friends when I am shopping at the local natural food stores. I was cautioned that they are a bit expensive, but I think that if I were to gather all of the ingredients on my own, it would probably amount to roughly the same price. (Of course, I probably already have a number of these items on hand already, but whatever.)

Jeannine said to look for the “krinkle cookies” for next time. I'm down! I just have a few more cooking challenges to conquer in the meantime. If you are in the Ann Arbor area, I highly suggest checking out Among Friends cookie mixes.

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