Monday, April 18, 2011

Beef. Bacon.

Ever since Trader Joe's got in beef bacon, I've been wanting to try it. I have never been a real fan of pig bacon, preferring turkey bacon because it is less greasy than pig and also I don't really like pork because it tastes like pig. 

So anyway, in celebration of my new roommate Kimmy's arrival, I decided to buy this mysterious new bacon product, and after we finally had everything mostly put together and started just lounging around like bums, I decided to make a real breakfast in my SHINY NEW KITCHEN. The pots and pans were still in a bag on the floor, but they were clean, and almost everything else I needed had already been put away by Kimmy because she is a good little housewife (for the most part). 

Anyhoo, what goes well with bacon? Eggs, of course! So I made scrambled eggs with cheese for Kimmy and fried eggs for myself. The fried eggs didn't go over so well. Literally. I tried flipping them for over-easy and they went neither over nor easily. I ended up with a tri-fold omelet with a runny interior. Oh well. I prefer my eggs on the lesser side of cooked.

The beef bacon with eggs ended up tasting remarkably like steak and eggs, only less filling and less work. Like the other types of bacon that I have purchased from Trader Joe's, the beef bacon was basically just slabs of meat that didn't crisp up much at all. I don't really mind this, though, because I rather prefer slabs of meat to crispy paper. 

Kimmy and I agreed beef bacon would make an amazing BLT (only without the T in her case), which I intend to try possibly in the near future. I'm really not used to eating red meat, so I don't want to overload myself by going crazy and eating an entire package of beef bacon. (I really like saying "beef bacon." It sounds so funny. I think it's the alliteration.) So next time, I am sure I will be writing about a nice pasta or chicken or something. Or maybe dessert. I have a brand new kitchen that is nearly twice the size of the last one. It's a whole new world.

Adventure on!

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