Monday, April 11, 2011

From the Road

Upon arriving in California, the first stop we made was to the nearest In-N-Out Burger. I don't worship In-N-Out as many others seem to, but they make a good burger, have excellent milkshakes, and I do have a fondness for their unique “animal style” burgers, though not the fries (too much onion). In-N-Out is unique because they still hand-make their burgers and do not use preservatives. They also have a Bible passage stamped to the bottom of their drink cups, but I can't remember which one.

I had hoped to eat at unique local places, but after setting out on our voyage, we snacked in the car on items I brought with me from Michigan, and for dinner we grabbed Arby's because it was the only place near out hotel in Richfield, Utah. Richfield turned out to be gorgeous, though somewhat remote.

The next day we stopped at a place called Pablo's Pizza in Fruita, Colorado. This was much more local! And the menu was interesting, to say the least, with offerings such as Panther's at the Circus!, Dracula's Nemesis (loaded with garlic and onions), Mean Mr. Mustard, and Noah's Ark, which was, of course, full of meat. They also had a PB&J pizza by the slice, and for dessert, S'More Pizza Please! with chocolate hazelnut sauce.

Our pizza was called What the Cluck! And its toppings were lemon olive oil sauce, mozarella, fresh spinach, homemade basil pesto, marinated chicken, fresh garlic, and roasted tomatoes. It normally came with tender artichokes, but Kimmy doesn't like artichokes (because she is clearly insane) and requested they be left off. The pizza tasted divine! If you are ever in the Fruita or Grand Junction region, I highly recommend Pablo's pizza, named for Pablo Picasso and his famous experimentation of art styles. I guess they are trying to say they boldly experiment with pizza styles, and quite successfully if What the Cluck! is anything to judge by.

For dinner, we popped by another convenient fast food place, Popeye's Chicken, which is a national chain, but not found in many areas, so I didn't feel too bad eating there. The nearest one to me in Michigan is maybe twenty minutes down the highway. Not really worth it just for a fried chicken craving (which I honestly get often; I loves me some fried chicken).

We're a little behind schedule, so tomorrow we are booking it through the rest of Colorado, Kansas, and stopping in Missouri if all goes well. Signing off in Denver!

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