Friday, April 1, 2011

Green Beans + Cumin

I have slowly been going through the free bags of frozen vegetables my mother gave me. There are three bags left: green beans, mixed veggies, and corn. Since I already failed at making corn pudding, I decided to see what I could come up with for the green beans.

The other day at work, I had cheese drizzled in honey with cumin, and it was so fantastic, I have been looking for ways to incorporate cumin into a dish since I still have so much left over from when I did Indian cuisine this last January. Green beans + cumin = ? We're about to find out!

First, I poured enough olive oil in my large skillet to just about cover the bottom. Then, I shook in some dried onion and garlic powder, turned the burner to medium, and let it sit until the onions were browned. The green beans were looking pretty frosty inside their bag, but I resisted to urge to cook the entirety, so instead I dumped maybe ¼ of the green beans into the skillet and let them cook with the olive oil, onions, and garlic powder.

For seasoning, I added 5 or 6 pinches of cumin, a heavy dash of cinnamon to sweeten it up, and a sprinkling of curry powder. For added texture and protein, I put in a handful of walnut baking pieces a couple minutes before turning off the burner.

The resulting taste? Magnifique! A most excellent side dish for any meal, and all from odds and ends I had lying around the kitchen. I think it's safe to say that these are the most delicious green beans I have ever had in my life, and this recipe is totally going into my personal recipe book. Far from overpowering the dish, the cumin and curry are a nice accent to the earthiness of the green beans and walnuts. And olive oil is always amazing when vegetables and a frying pan are involved. (No, that was not a challenge. You know who you are.)

Yet another nod to the wonders of spices that Indian cuisine has taught me. With this little success, I am totally fearless! Yarr! Can't wait to experiment with the bag of mixed vegetables now. But that's another blog.

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