Friday, April 15, 2011

It's All Biscuits & Gravy

I was surprised and delighted that every hotel we stopped at along the way from California to Michigan along I-70 offered a complementary continental breakfasts to their guests. Maybe it's all those years of attending anime conventions in sometimes fancier hotels that has taught me not to expect free food to be provided to me.

Our first hotel-provided breakfast was pretty fancy at a Holiday Inn Express. There were eggs, pancakes from a weirdo pancake machine that I had never seen before, fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy (something I had always associated with the South, but a common combo in Middle America, as it turns out), and of course a few danishes. I tried to keep it simple and healthy with some eggs, milk, juice, a biscuit an gravy. (What? I see biscuits and gravy as a novelty. And this was a vacation, of sorts, so I wanted to treat myself).

I left the Holiday Inn Express feeling energized and enthused about the beautiful Utah mountain scenery. Our breakfasts, as well as the landscape, was to go downhill from there. (Minus the 10,603 foot high pass through the heart of the Rockies. That was up, up, and up, and almost murder on our car.)

The second hotel breakfast had waffle mix and a waffle iron, so I had my first waffle that was not premade and from a box. It was pretty tasty! If only the syrup had been real. (Sigh.) There was, however, no protein. Over the past few months, I've been starting my days with some form of protein – eggs, turkey bacon, peanut butter – so although the meal was acceptable to the taste buds and was chased down with some milk in my protein obtaining attempt, my stomach was not exactly feeling fulfilled when we hit the road that morning.

The third hotel also provided waffles for breakfast. In the form of some Eggos laid out with the bagels and English muffins to be put in the toaster. This hotel also offered biscuits and gravy, and I figured at least the sausage in the gravy had some protein, and I still view this dish as a novelty, so I partook, microwaving the biscuit to soften it up. I also toasted a bagel and smeared it with cream cheese because I figured the cheese also offered some protein. Probably. I have yet to confirm this hypothesis with research.

The fourth morning found us back in my hometown, Portage, MI, with my mother, and my once and future roommate Kimmy and I met some friends for breakfast at one of our favorite spots in Kalamazoo, the Crow's Nest, upstairs from Fourth Coast on Westnedge. Kimmy ordered apple cinnamon waffles, which honestly looked pretty amazing, even to me (I prefer pancakes to waffles). I got an interesting concoction of two eggs over-easy placed atop a bed of hashbrowns and gravy. In place of toast, I ordered a biscuit. (Stop giving me those looks. I have no idea when I will have biscuits and gravy again. Every opportunity could be my last!)

And here we are again in Ann Arbor in the new apartment where so far I have only eaten a bowl of bran flakes and milk and a few handfuls of knock-off Pirates Booty. I am very excited about cooking in my new kitchen! But that will have to wait a few more days until more things get put together. What on earth will I write about on Monday?? Guess you'll have to wait a few days to find out.

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  1. We make biscuits and gravy almost every weekend. Come down and you can have some real food as my foodie husband loves to cook.