Friday, April 22, 2011

Needs More Flare

Only 8 survived...
Two of my favorite things in the world are carving pumpkins and decorating Easter eggs. My assignment for Easter dinner was to decorate eggs and bring them to my mother's to be turned into deviled eggs. Mission accepted! So off Kimmy and I went to Meijer to pick up a coloring kit. 

People nowadays go nuts for these festive decoration opportunities (because I am convinced most people are boring and don't allow themselves nearly enough occasions to be creative), so Meijer offered many and varied colorful and stickerful egg kits. But the one that really stuck out to us was stained glass. It was only $3, which is nothing when one has recently moved from Land of Big Money, aka California.

This kit turned out to be much messier than anticipated, and the black tube ended up breaking open, so we painted it on with mini paintbrushes from a paintbrush kit that Kimmy had bought the previous day or so. On the plus side, painting on the colors meant my fingers didn't get dyed every shade of the rainbow, and the eggs dried quickly.

For my first masterpiece, I created a green vampire bunny egg with purple ears and glowing yellow eyes. Kimmy made the Rebel Insignia, then the Batman symbol, the Flash symbol, and a TARDIS. My second egg was a zombie pirate with a dagger in his teeth (which was really hard to convey, sadly). Then I had to run into work, so I had to stop there with two eggs. Silly job! It always interrupts creativity time. Someone really needs to start paying me to just be creative. Someday!

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