Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beet Generation

Meijer sells canned vegetables for as little as 49 cents a can. Thus, on my last trip to the store, I picked up a few, including a couple of cans of beets (no salt added because sodium is "the silent killer"). If you recall my previous entry on beets, they are a new food to me, and one that I find quite tasty! So I thought I would waste little time in revisiting them and seek out new quick and easy recipes for this little wonder food.

Since I am short on time between catching up on email and getting ready for work, I sought out a recipe with very few ingredients. On Spark Recipes, I came up with this guy: Sweet Beets. It took very nearly every drop of cider vinegar I had remaining in the cupboard, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I started by melting the butter in a little sauce pot, then added the vinegar, corn starch (which delightfully melted in the vinegar), a few dashes of salt, and finally the sugar. I let it just barely simmer for a few minutes while I heated a can of sliced beets in the microwave, then poured the syrupy concoction over the bowl of steaming beets. Super quick and so easy!

There was a little too much syrup for my little bowl of beets, but that's not too troublesome since it just pools at the bottom anyway. The smell is distinctly vinegary as is the taste. I think perhaps if I did this again, I would use less vinegar and perhaps add some garlic powder for added flavor. All in all, not a bad little side dish, but I believe beets on their own are a decent side dish and don't really need anything added.

Of the two beet dishes I have made, I prefer the first. But if you really don't like beets on their own, or if you really like vinegar, this isn't a terrible low fat side. It reminds me of the beet salad that I tried from Trader Joe's, which I also found to be too vinegary. I guess vinegar is just an acquired taste.

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