Friday, May 20, 2011

Better Than An Omelette

The first time I ever tried a frittata was in Germany. We had stopped for breakfast at a little Italian place near the Dom in Cologne (Köln), and a frittata was described to me as an Italian omelette. It turned out to be not what I myself would exactly call an omelette, but it was still pretty tasty, and ever since I have wondered how one is made. Since my chiropractor suggested that I start the day with more protein (eggs, specifically) and I ran out of cereal, I decided I needed to try something different. Thus I got online and Googled "frittata." At the top of the page was this recipe from Alton Brown, my own personal god of cookery. 
I did not have asparagus on hand, nor, strangely, grated Parmesan, but I did have some leftover six cheese Italian blend from when I did the stuffed shells the other night. A frittata is like an omelette, or quiche, for that matter, in that pretty much anything can be added to it, so I was not worried about substituting frozen broccoli and adding more kinds of cheese to the mix than the recipe called for. 

Now, I will admit that I am a terrible omelette maker. But this frittata thing? Amazing! So light and fluffy and loads easier than quiche, even a crustless quiche. Though I think I will take some tips from my previous quiche excursions and add some nutmeg and probably mushrooms next time. I like broccoli, but I feel like the six eggs just needed a little more help. 
Wikipedia informs me that there is an Iranian dish similar to the frittata that is called kookoo. Since I have now made quiche and frittata, I feel that the next natural step is to try my hand at kookoo. I've never made Iranian food, to my recollection, so it will be exciting to delve into a new cuisine! Also, I'm pretty sure kookoo sabzi is what Dr. Suess was talking about when he wrote Green Eggs and Ham. (I can make green eggs and turkey?)

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