Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuffed Shells

Among the many gluteny things that LaRissa gave me was a box of pasta shells. Usually I would use ricotta or cottage cheese to stuff shells, but we had neither of those, but we did have Meijer Italian six cheese blend of low moisture mozzarella, provolone, Parmesan, Asiago, fontina, and Romano. I dumped roughly half the bag into a mixing bowl and added one egg, dashes of dried parsley flakes, basil leaves, garlic powder and stirred while Kimmy put some water on to bowl for the pasta and chopped a bowl of microwaves broccoli, because we decided broccoli and cheese stuffed pasta shells sounded pretty delicious. 

With the broccoli and cheese mixture stuffed into the cooked pasta shells, I laid them all out in a baking dish, then covered them in marinara sauce, and popped the dish in the oven for thirty minutes of baking. After taking it out upon completion, I sprinkled more cheese blend on top because I don't think I have ever had too much cheese in my life. Then, with the oven freed up, I put in some garlic bread to bake for fifteen minutes just to round out the Italian theme to dinner. 

Naturally, the shells weren't as poofy as if I had used ricotta or cottage cheese, but they were still delicious! And I got to make another full meal using only things lying around the kitchen. Victory! (Though I probably should have made a vegetable side dish...)

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