Monday, May 2, 2011

They're Venison Burgers and I Helped

Eeew... raw meat...
Man, I'm getting spoiled. First, I had the beautiful and talented LaRissa assisting me with gluten free paczki, now I have the slightly less talented, but still beautiful and ready to help Kimmy making me venison burgers! (Because I have never made burgers in my life since I don't eat red meat, generally speaking, and prepare it never.) When Chris and Crystal gave us the venison, they made us promise to use some to make venison burgers (I made the venison lasagna with the first stick they gave us). 

I took the frozen venison out of the freezer, forgot about it for a few days, then remembered on Sunday and declared venison burgers for lunch! Strangely, the stick was still partially frozen, so Kimmy froze her poor fingers while mixing the meat with dried onion bits, parsley, salt, pepper, and a dash of celery salt (which I sprinkled on since her fingers were all covered in dead deer, thus I helped).

We ended up with 7 patties because we forgot that meat shrinks when its cooked, and also leftovers will feed us for days. 

This is also the first time my free Foreman grill (courtesy of Nate and LaRissa's generosity) has been used, and I think this was a worthy first run. Just before they were finished, I sprinkled shredded cheddar cheese on top of a few burgers because cheese is amazing. (Sadly, I could not taste it on the finished product, but I knew it was there.) 

This apartment is sadly lacking in condiments, so on mine, I squeezed ketchup from the bizarre ketchup packet herd hanging out in the built-in egg tray in the fridge. (I do have a bottle of organic ketchup, but I figured I should use up the packets first which I think came from the Greek restaurant downtown when we got gyros and fries to-go.) There is no mustard, a state which puzzles me, but I have yet to remember to rectify, and I forwent the mayo because it just didn't sound right at the time. I did layer on some lettuce since I didn't think I'd eat any more vegetables that day (and I was right). Kimmy topped her deer patties with ketchup, mayo, cheese, and Caesar dressing. 

Prior to this, I have only had venison in two forms: stew and lasagna. The burgers were pretty darn tasty! The main reason I don't like cow burgers is because they are more often than not greasy and disgusting. Turkey burgers run the risk of being too dry, and I don't even want to think about chicken burgers (ground chicken is disgusting!). So the venison was pretty awesome for me, being the right combination of meaty flavor and no grease. 

If anyone wants to give me any more venison, preferably not ground this time, I'd like to try my hand at my own venison stew! In bread bowls. Mmm...

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