Friday, June 10, 2011

The Quick and the Easy

As I have mentioned before, I go to a game night every Sunday where people bring dishes to pass, etc. This last Sunday, since my boyfriend was doing roasted garlic and pasta, I decided to buy a Parmesan and garlic  baguette and a jar of bruschetta sauce. The baguette I sliced into thin pieces, then laid them out on a cookie sheet and toasted them in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Once they were cool, I threw them in a bag and took them to the gathering for dipping in bruschetta sauce. Quick, easy, inexpensive, and kind of fancy sounding.

Once again I am in that stage of eating everything in my cupboards before buying new groceries. I still have a good amount of pasta, so I boiled some the rest of my cappellini (aka angel hair pasta). Meanwhile, in a neighboring skillet, I poured in a bunch of olive oil, then, once it was heated, added some frozen mixed vegetables as well as a handful of frozen broccoli florets. When all was cooked, I tossed them together along with a thimble full of Italian cheese blend because that was, sadly, all I had. This dish would have benefited immeasurably form some Parmesan cheese, but alas! There is none in my fridge. (I'm a bad Sicilian.) 

I guess the bruschetta was the appetizer and the pasta veggies was the entree, so next up is dessert! Today I was craving cake, or something very like it, so I took the leftover Irish cream frosting out of the freezer (yes, I still had it), and spread it on a plate of graham crackers. Ta da! A complete meal when assembled together, which it more or less was for my lunch today.

Another thing you can do with the graham crackers is cover them in peanut butter for a slightly healthier snack. Instead of bruschetta sauce, you could dip the Parmesan and garlic little toasts in gazpacho, or an artichoke or cheese dip. And pasta, you can do pretty much anything to. 

That is this week's lesson in how to be a lazy, yet clever cook.

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