Monday, July 25, 2011

Match Made in Heaven

Recently, a new product appeared on the shelf of the local Trader Joe's: 100% Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Garlic Flavored Olive Oil. Amazing does not begin to cover the rich, earthy flavor of this heaven-sent oil. If you are used to cooking with Italian olive oil, or even Greek, this Spanish variety may taste a little funny to you, but I emphatically state that it is worth the try!

I first tasted this olive oil drizzled over a turkey club wrap that was sadly lacking much flavor on its own. Perked it way up! Then I decided to make another batch of my Greek summer salad using this olive oil as the dressing along with dry feta rather than feta already swimming in oil (it was cheaper and, I think, tastier). 

For my next trick, I decided to saute some sliced endives (that I had forgotten about while on vacation) in the garlic olive oil. I sprinkled on a little salt and pepper and magnifique! I would have preferred to use endives, onions, mushrooms, and peas, but I was feeling a little lazy.

Not only do I intend to use this as a replacement for regular olive oil in pretty much every recipe I can come up with, it is encouraging me to use olive oil in ways I never would before, such as the above mentioned drizzle on a turkey wrap, or as dressing on a salad (normally, I only go with ranch). 

There are many brands that offer this blend out there, but Trader Joe's is the cheapest I've found, and is also unique because it is Spanish olive oil, giving it an earthier flavor. I imagine Whole Foods would also carry one, or even your local farmers market. If you like garlic and you like olive oil, do yourself a favor and give this beauty a try!

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