Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burrito Strikes Again

Back in December of last year, I wrote about throwing together quesadillas and burritos when low on resources. I've come up with an addition to that list: breakfast burritos. This all started with a somewhat new product at work called the breakfast scramble that is comprised of scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, and maybe some other things. I don't recall exactly.

When this product first arrived, we heated it up and used it to make breakfast burritos, which I thought was pretty ingenious. Simple, tasty, and a pretty darn healthy way to start the day! The scramble is only $1.99, but it's also so simple, that I could not justify paying even that price when I can make it myself, rendering it probably even healthier.

I still had a bunch of potatoes from when I made torijaga last week, so I put them to quick use in my breakfast burrito, slicing them thin, then cooking them in - oh yes! - garlic olive oil. I also sliced some more onions, also leftover from a few different dishes, and threw them in the pan, as well.

Once the onions were soft and the potatoes browned, I cracked in three eggs (two just didn't seem like enough with so many potato slices) and stirred that in until thoroughly cooked through. 

After that, I just briefly heated some whole wheat tortillas up in the microwave to make them more pliable, spooned on the scramble, sprinkled on some shredded cheese, and folded over the tortilla. Yay, breakfast! 

Some excellent additions to this simple meal are salsa, sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce (*blech*), or anything else you might desire. You can also grill the burrito a little on both sides after it's assembled to make it crispy and stay together better. This is quick, easy, delicious, and a hell of a lot healthier than my new usual cereal. 

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