Monday, August 22, 2011

Could I Have a Muffin or a Scone?

Today's blog title is a direct reference to the TV show from my childhood Freakazoid! and the mini-segment "Lord Bravery." I simply could not resist!

About a week and a half ago now, Kimmy and I decided to go blueberry picking in Dexter because I missed picking berries while I lived in California, and she had never been. We came home with over 1 lb of fresh blueberries and a million mosquito bites. Kimmy requested blueberry cheesecake, but I didn't thin that I would need all for the berries for cheesecake, plus I didn't know how to make cheesecake, so one day, inspired by a new product we sell at work, I decided to make blueberry scones.

My grandfather used to make scones, but, lacking his recipe, I used this one instead. Naturally, I made a few substitutions/alterations. I still don't have baking powder and (again) used the baking soda and cream of tartar combo that I learned from making the Irish cream cupcakes. I also ended up using the organic vanilla half and half that I bought from Whole Foods a few weeks ago instead of regular old non-flavored half and half, which I think added a delightful richness to the scones. My usual flour is whole wheat which does alter the flavor a little, I think, rendering food a little more earthy in flavor that doesn't really bother me because I am not much of a purist.

The recipe instructed me to make round patties (basically) then cut the scones like a pizza into triangles. I skipped this step and just molded the scones by hand. The first one turned out a perfect triangle, and everything went downhill from there. (Scone dough is highly sticky!) Luckily, this did not seem to affect the flavor at all, and licking dough from my hands is half the fun of baking things myself.

Sadly, we are still experiencing some serious ant problems, and I kept having to shoo the aggressive little buggers away while I was preparing the scones in the kitchen. I really hope that this problem is solved soon. They're getting into everything!

Stay tuned for more blueberry creations. Maybe I will even figure out that cheesecake.

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