Monday, August 15, 2011

Emergency Potatoes

When I looked in my cupboard the other day, I was dismayed to find my bag of potatoes soggy and leaking. In fairness to the potatoes, though, I can't remember when I bought them, and I had intended to use them up well before now. Upon closer inspection, I really only lost two or three potatoes to old age and mush. Even so, I decided I needed to cook these babies up and get them out of my cupboard before they all melted.

Since the breakfast burritos had worked out so well, I decided to just do sliced potatoes seasoned with herbs and call it breakfast. (I had run out of most of my usual breakfast items and was incredibly hungry.) I didn't see my larger frying pan, so I just did multiple batches in my smaller pan.

First, I set some garlic olive oil to simmering, then carefully placed in enough slices of potatoes to cover the bottom. Next, I sprinkled on some salt, then dried chopped onion pieces followed by a few dashes of dried basil. Finally, I covered the pan with a metal lid and let the potatoes brown. Once the first side was done, I stirred the potatoes and flipped them over to brown the other side, as well.

(I learned from my brother years ago that the trick to browning potatoes is to keep them covered. How he learned this, I don't know. Possibly through trial and error?)

I repeated these steps, adding in more oil when it looked a bit low in the pan, until all the potatoes were cooked and no longer in danger of being thrown in the trash due to spoilage. Since there were so darn many, I shared some with Kimmy, but even between the two of us we could not finish them all, so I took the rest into work with me for dinner as a side dish to my pasta marinara leftovers. (Starch overload!)

Perhaps not the most nutritious breakfast in the world, but the crunch of the exterior and mush of the potato's innards was most satisfying. And I no longer have to worry about potatoes going bad in my cupboard. Huzzah!

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