Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Zucchini, Batman!

As I have posted before, my roommate Kimmy works for a family that owns a backyard farm. This is where I got the tomatoes to make the homemade marinara! Well, they also gave us a zucchini - the biggest zucchini I have ever laid eyes on. No joke. Kimmy does not like zucchini, so it was up to me to turn it into something!

I remember growing up with zucchini in the garden and my mother baking zucchini bread, which I don't think I liked very much because what on earth was a vegetable doing in bread? Turns out zucchini is actually an immature fruit, though in cooking it is treated as a vegetable. Incidentally, elsewhere in the English speaking world, zucchini (an Italian word) is also known as courgette (the French diminutive for the word "squash."). 

There would be no zucchini bread coming from my oven (though I am no longer averse to its taste), so I turned my attention to what I had lying around the kitchen and came up with a box of garlic couscous that my mother had given me ages ago. I figured the two could easily be combined, but I conferred with my associate the Internet just to check for recipes. And indeed I found one!

Since the flavor packet in the couscous box was already garlic flavored, I skipped the minced cloves. I also don't own red pepper flakes and wasn't about to buy any, so those were also abandoned, as well as the mint for the same reason. 

So I ended up just chopping some green onion and sautéing that with chunks of zucchini in the last of my olive oil. Once the couscous was done, I tossed in the zucchini and green onion mixture et voilà! Strangely, a little on the bland side, so I later sprinkled some salt on the leftovers, but other than that, I thought it was quite tasty and felt perfectly safe feeding it to my boyfriend alongside pan-fried chicken strips.

There was so much zucchini, though, that I only ended up cooking about half of it. The rest is sitting in slices in my fridge. I thought I'd cook them up in olive oil with some salt and pepper over top and call it good. Since I am leaving for a weekend in the UP tomorrow and I don't want the food in my fridge to go bad while I am away, I have been going through trying to eat all the leftover pieces that collect too easily.

Due the aforementioned vacation, my next food update will probably be about the food we ate there. Expect pasties. Who knows what else we will find?

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