Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gone Bananas

Many, many moons ago, I put three bananas into the freezer to one day be made into banana bread. Lately, my roommate Kimmy and I had been discussing banana bread, probably because the bananas in the freezer were not only black, but shriveling in on themselves. Since I've been feeling sick lately, unable to stay at work more than 6 hours at a time, I decided to take it easy and sleep as much as possible last weekend. But when I started to feel a little better, I put on a NatGeo documentary on the pre-classical Maya (what? I'm a nerd) and flipped through my recipe books for a banana bread recipe. Finding a very simple one requiring 7 ingredients that I happened to have on hand, I decided to push my energy and give it a go.

The first ingredient is a ½ cup of shortening, which I refuse to use because it's indigestible by the human body, so I substituted butter instead. I sat on the floor in front of the TV and creamed together the butter with one cup of sugar, then added two eggs, one at a time, then the three shriveled bananas (thawed in the fridge over night and squeezed from their gushy peels) followed by dashes of baking soda and salt.

Once it was all thoroughly mixed together, I sprayed canola into a glass bread pan and poured in the gooey mixture. Before popping it into the oven for 35 minutes on 350 degrees F, I sprinkled some brown sugar over-top. I considered also shaking on some walnut pieces that I've had in my cupboard for about a year, but I decided against it because I don't much care for nuts in my baked goods. (Yes, I realize that sounds like a metaphor. One I may have to use in a story some day.)

I am very pleased that I was able to make yet another tasty item from the odds and ends of my kitchen. (And to learn that the pre-classical Mayan civilization, often historically thought to be a myth, was likely brought down by deforestation.) I haven't gone grocery shopping for quite some time now in order to force myself to seek out the things lost to memory and hiding in the dark corners of my cupboards. Or on the shelves in plain sight. Whatever. I think next I shall make soup. It's the only thing that's been sounding good lately. And, as they say, tis the season!

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