Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Hearty Breakfast and Awesome Chinese

First, I'd like to promote this great little bar/restaurant in Paradise, MI called the Yukon Inn. Kimmy and I stopped in on our way to the famed Shipwreck Museum of Whitefish Point, aka the Graveyard of the Great Lakes. For $6, I got a plate piled high with two eggs, hash browns, two strips of bacon, and two pieces of Texas toast. For another $1 I ordered hot chocolate; Kimmy got orange juice. There was so much food that we couldn't finish our plates, though we put in some good effort. 

The plates and the tableware were disposable, which was both amusing and slightly annoying to my fancy city-raised environmentalist butt. (The cups were re-usable, however. Or at least, this is how I remember it.) The atmosphere was fantastic, though! Built like a log cabin with real dead animal heads mounted on the walls, and one cute plushie moose head. One of the deer over the bar was decorated with Christmas lights, thus Kimmy dubbed him the "Party Deer." (I realize this may sound horrific to certain people reading my blog. Those people should probably never visit the UP.) There was also a jukebox and a few old arcade games. Yeehaw!

I honestly can't remember any food after that until our return drive when we followed the GPS south from Mackinaw City to Cheboygan for Chinese food at the Indo-China Garden Restaurant (they also serve Thai). Seriously the best Chinese food I think I have ever had. The egg rolls were small, but packed with flavor, and the cashew chicken that I ordered came swimming in an amazingly delicious brown sauce that I could not eat enough of! The staff was friendly and talkative (we were still in Northern Michigan, after all) and very attentive. 

I noticed that the second review on Yelp disses the place for not being authentic, but I have to wonder if this person has ever had real Chinese food before, and not just the stuff they pass off as Chinese at most restaurants. Kimmy, who has been to China, said that this is the first restaurant she's been to State-side that served her food that looked like what she ate in China. I would compare it to a place I once ate at in Chinatown in Chicago, though I'd have to visit again to adequately contrast the two. (I was disappointed with the food in Chinatown in San Francisco. It seemed like stereotypical food they feed to foreigners anywhere in this country, unless I was getting steamed buns, which is what I quickly learned to do.) 

So if you are in the general vicinity of Mackinaw City and are craving Chinese food like we were, I highly suggest driving the 20 or so minutes to Cheboygan and giving this place a try. I would love to return and try their pad thai, the only Thai dish that I will willingly subject myself to. Nothing against Thai food or the Thai people, but they are overly fond of lemongrass and spice that makes my tummy want to commit suicide. I'll try to stick to mango when I visit the country. 

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  1. > I was disappointed with the food in Chinatown in San Francisco. It seemed like stereotypical food they feed to foreigners anywhere in this country, […]

    Isn't that because what we think of as "Chinese food" is the actual foods that the Chinese of San Francisco used to eat? It's not authentic Chinese-as-in-China, but it's said to be reasonably authentic San Francisco Chinese.

    On the other hand, this really interesting talk: gives various examples of "Chinese foods" that spread from various parts of the country, not just San Francisco, so maybe San Francisco Chinatown doesn't deserve a total pass for serving you it. :-P