Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homemade Soup

I decided to continue with my investigation into the Maya by playing a PBS special on Netflix called “Cracking the Maya Code.” And while that was loading, I poured two cups of water into a pot on the stove, added one packet of condensed chicken broth, a generous amount of garlic powder, and a few shakes of dried onion. (Of course, this is easily made vegetarian by omitting the chicken broth.)

Letting that simmer on the stove on medium for a few minutes filled my kitchen with the beautiful aromas of garlic and onion. Bliss! Next, I went through my surprisingly well-stocked freezer for vegetables. Into the pot went a handful of frozen broccoli, then a fist or two of frozen mixed veggies (from Meijer, so no lima beans).

Mostly vegetables at this point, I returned to my Maya documentary and let the mixture continue to simmer on medium-high, hoping to saturate the water with tasty vegetable flavors in addition to the base of weak chicken broth. After a bit, I added a few splashes of salt, pepper, parsley flakes, and celery salt, then let it simmer longer. I also added a little more water – about ½ a cup – because the vegetables were taking up so much room in the pot.

I looked through my recipe book for a simple dumpling recipe, which I found and then decided not to make. I was just feeling too tired and was nearly ready for a nap. Curling up on the couch, watching the cracking of Mayan hieroglyphs, and sipping some veggie soup sounded like enough to me.

The flavor turned out to be rich and savory, despite such a simple makeup, and took only less than half an hour to make.

Incidentally, while I was enjoying my homemade soup, I learned of the beauty of the Mayan written language. Not only could a scribe express himself in words, but with many sounds being represented by a different glyph, he could also show off his artistic flair. Brilliant! It rather reminds me of calligraphy, or illuminated manuscripts. The writer in me dances with glee! I wonder if the internet has a Mayan alphabet tutorial I can immerse myself in... Maybe I will uncover some Mayan recipes for future blogs. I wonder if they made soup.

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