Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's Jam

I mentioned before that I bought thimbleberry jam and blackcurrant jam from the Jam Pot in Keweenaw. While camping this past weekend, I brought along a jar of the thimbleberry jam and was happy to be able to try it on a slice of tasty bakery bread. And boy, was it ever delicious! Seedy like raspberry jam, but a hundred times sweeter and more pleasing, at least to me. I am not sure I can compare the taste to any known berry. I suppose it reminded me of a mulberry, but it's been a very long time since I have eaten mulberries, so that may be off.

This morning for breakfast, I opened up the blackcurrant jam and spread it on bagels. The currant had a less sweet, more tart flavor than the thimbleberry, but it was also quite tasty. Blackcurrants are quite high in vitamin C and gained popularity in the UK during WWII when oranges became scarce. I am not the most fond of oranges, so I guess I'll just have to eat blackcurrants instead to keep me from getting sick this season. Oh darn!

In the break room at work the other day, there was a basket on the table with peppers, tomatoes, and some other garden vegetables with a note telling the reader to take some. I don't like peppers (the note warned they were quite hot to boot), so I took a tomato, thinking I could include it with eggs for breakfast. I've decided that I should start my days with more protein and less carbs from cereal and breakfast bars. I also had a lot of leftover green onions from the zucchini and couscous, so I threw those in with the eggs, too, along with some parsley and a dash of salt.

Coupled with the blackcurrant covered bagels, it was a most satisfying meal!

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