Monday, October 24, 2011

Mix It Up

Candy apple red!
As I said before, Thursday last was my birthday, and one of my presents was a shiny new Kitchen Aid 9 speed digital mixer from my generous friend Robin! It has 4 attachments for mixing, kneading, and whisking purposes, and a little bag in which to keep them all together. Ohh yeeaah!

Robin is somewhat infamous for her baking, including her yearly pumpkin bread that she sends out every year around Thanksgiving. (And I am always thankful for pumpkin bread.) One day, I may try my hand at making pumpkin bread from scratch myself, but for now I will make do with the boxed mix that finds its way to the shelves at Trader Joe's every autumn. It isn't as good as Robin's, but it's still pretty darn tasty, and I happened to have had a box in my cupboard when I unwrapped my birthday present.

Thus, waking up on Sunday morning, exhausted from my busy weekend, was a little like Christmas. I had already unwrapped the present and gleefully taken all of the items out of the box, but on Sunday I got to use it.

What I like about the box mixes from Trader Joe's is that they are super easy, requiring only a few simple ingredients (and also not filled with chemicals that I can't identify). After blending it all together with the mixer, I was delighted to find the runny batter was smooth, free of lumps, and I could just tell these muffins were going to bake up so much fluffier than they had when I beat the ingredients together with a spoon. I was not disappointed.

While they were baking, Kimmy kept an eye on them and I ran out to the store to pick up some frosting. I had wanted to get a cream cheese frosting and some tubes of colored frosting to decorate the muffins with, but I had trouble finding what I wanted, and I was very limited on funds. I ended up picking up just one tub of vanilla frosting, spooning some into a plastic baggy with a tiny bit of the corner snipped off, and doodling on the muffins. I made jack-o-lantern faces, ghosts, a bat, and attempted to make a werewolf that looked somewhat ambiguous in its animal features.

They were all pretty delicious. I am now wondering if I can use this pumpkin bread mix to make pumpkin whoopie pies. It never hurts to try! (Or it hasn't yet.)


  1. Hee, I'm glad it's working well for you. I may need to order one for myself before it gets to be pumpkin bread time, since the cheapo mixer I got myself when I moved is weak and noisy and whenever I work it too hard it feels like one of the beaters is going to snap and impale me in the face. I also don't have a blender, but the only thing I'd use a blender for is milkshakes, and I'll be the immersion mixer attachment can handle that.

  2. I tried to make a corn pudding once with the blender/juicer that my mother gave me, but it didn't work. The immersion mixer attachment might, though! I may have to revisit that recipe.