Monday, November 21, 2011

Open Season on White Chicken Chili

This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but everything to do with the season. It's getting cold! There has been plenty of soup making, but I've lately started craving something similar: white chicken chili. If I have even ever made white chicken chili, it's been a very long time. My friends and I used to get it from the soup cafe that sprung up every Wednesday on the campus of Western Michigan University, then later we sometimes made it ourselves with ground turkey. (Making it white turkey chili, an entirely different chili altogether.)

After getting off work tonight, I grabbed an onion, a couple cans of white kidney beans, diced chilies, a frozen bag of pre-cooked grilled chicken strips (worth it when you're short on time), and a bag of shredded Mexican blend cheeses. I wasn't sure of all the ingredients, but that sounded like a good start. Even after checking a few recipes online, I found I didn't have all the required ingredients, so I just went with that I had.

First things first, I made cornbread from a boxed mix. (Using my new mixer. <3)

Then, in my large frying pan, I combined half the onion, then diced, and generous sprinkles of ground cumin, garlic powder, and dried parsley (because I mysteriously don't own oregano) in a bit of olive oil. After that browned a bit, I added the two cans of diced chilies In a separate pot, I put two cans of water and a packet of condensed chicken broth and brought it to a light boil. To the broth I added the two cans of white kidney beans, drained and rinsed. While that simmered, I ripped up the thawed chicken strips and added them to the chilies mixture.
I added half a can of water to the beans and broth because it didn't look like enough liquid. That, of course, made it apparent that I needed the Big Pot, so I pulled that out and combined into it the pot of beans and broth and the skillet of chicken, chilies, etc.

I don't like spicy things, so the only kick in this chili was from the green chilies. After scooping a square of cornbread into a bowl, ladling in some chili, then sprinkling shredded cheese over-top, I was pretty pleased with myself. And the taste was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Thus ended a many months long craving.  

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