Friday, November 11, 2011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme (Gluten Free Corn Stuffing)

Continuing with the Thanksgiving theme, I thought I would next turn my attention to gluten free stuffing. Since I've already made gluten free paczki, I figure gluten free stuffing has got to be a snap!

First, I went to Trader Joe's and checked their cornbread stuffing mix. Sadly, premade cornbread stuffing is chock full of gluten. I didn't think it would be that easy, but I at least had to give it a try. Next, I went to the internet where there are a large number of gluten free recipes.

The easiest thing seems to be to simply use gluten free bread, like the blocky brown rice bread I often see as the gluten free offerings at many grocery stores. Not awful, but not awesome, at least in my opinion. (I haven't tried, but I'm fairly sure I could hammer a nail into the wall with one of those things.) Still, this isn't a bad way to go. Just cut up the bread into bite size pieces, add some chopped celery and onions, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, or just follow a recipe like this one here at Serious Eats.

My absolute favorite kind of stuffing, though, is cornbread stuffing. And corn is naturally gluten free! That is where this recipe comes in. Though honestly, there are a number of items that I would leave out, like any and all nuts, and I am really not sure about the hard boiled eggs. Still, it's simple, and most importantly corn stuffing-- I mean gluten free. (Gluten free corn stuffing.)

Stuffing is another thing that is easily made vegan, and happily so. The first time I ever had sausage in stuffing was during a tasting at work, and it was so disgusting that I had to spit it out. Let me tell you, I was one sad panda. I love stuffing! How could anything make it so terrible? But I am assured that sausage is a popular additive, and I respect other people's tastes even when I do not share them. If that is your thing, and you are trying to go vegan or just vegetarian, there are plenty of usable soy-based sausages out there.

I don't believe in soy-based fake meat, however, so I am now wondering how Trader Joe's potato-based masala veggie burgers would work in a vegetarian stuffing in place of sausage. It'd probably be pretty tasty! One of these days, I may have to give it a try just for the sake of curiosity, but for now, I am perfectly happy with my gluten free corn stuffing. Yum! 

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