Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie Butter

An interesting item has just hit the shelves at my local Trader Joe's: cookie butter. According to Wikipedia, this is a relatively new and revolutionary product made from creamed speculoos, a type of flat, crispy cookie often made into cute shapes and eaten for St. Nicholas Day in and around the Netherlands. Cookie butter has the consistency and even color of peanut butter, but tastes like cookie. This means that that you can make everything, even simple toast, taste like cookie!

The side of the jar has a few suggestions, but in order to gather more ideas for uses, and because cookie butter had to be shared with the world, I brought the jar over to Game Night and opened it up for everyone to try.

First up was pita bread, and it was delicious. We even spread some cookie butter on pieces of pita and microwaved them for a few seconds to melt the butter. This didn't change the flavor so much as sharpen the sweetness and alter the consistency. Conclusion, melting cookie butter makes a great dip and can be drizzled over other things like ice cream.

Next we had club crackers. This had that ever popular salty/sweet thing going on, but mostly just tasted like cookie since club crackers are rather on the bland side. Still, it was an enjoyable and easy snack.

Similar to the salty crackers, we then dipped in some pretzel sticks. This is actually one of the suggestions on the side of the jar, but I thought it sounded terrible. I am surprised and pleased to report that it actually was pretty good. I had previously tried spreading cookie butter on a pretzel croissant (also obtained from Trader Joe's), which was tasty, but not quite as delicious as when I spread cocoa almond spread on them, another new product found at Trader Joe's. (And about damn time, too. I have been in mourning for their long-gone hazelnut spread.)  

The next morning, my boyfriend made silver dollar pancakes, and naturally we spread the cookie butter on those, as well. Phenomenal! Is there anything that cannot be improved??

Well, actually, the jar suggests spreading it on celery. I'm really not too sure about that....


  1. I need to try this ... but I'm so confused as to how my mind will take it.

  2. Cookie butter must truly be experienced to be understood.