Friday, December 16, 2011


Last year I made a number of salads out of things like couscous and chickpeas. Lately, with all the cookies and candy up for grabs at work, I've been craving a healthier diet. Vegetables are veritably mouth-watering! And I've had this box of tabouli in my cupboard for some time, but tabouli by itself isn't very satisfying to me. So I decided to go to the store today and round out that salad with tomato, cucumber, and chickpeas.

First, that involved cleaning the kitchen, no easy feat with all the gyoza and other fried things we've been cooking lately. (Kimmy also made cookies for our friends as holiday presents. I'll be doing my holiday baking in a few days.) But still! A clean kitchen makes me happy, as does satisfying food cravings.

After boiling some water to make the tabouli mix, I chopped the tomatoes and cubed the cuke to the sweet tones of Abney Park, the Cog is Dead, and the Clockwork Dolls (absolute essentials to any steampunk playlist). The tabouli was supposed to sit in the fridge for an hour while it absorbed all of the water. However, chopping veggies and dancing around the kitchen didn't kill nearly enough time, and I was really hungry by then, so after about twenty minutes or so, I pulled the tabouli out of the fridge and gave it a poke. It was absorbed enough for me, so I poured in the cucumber, tomato, and can of chickpeas and stirred it all together.

I figure between the bulgur and chickpeas, I have a complete protein. That combined with the vegetables made for a very satisfying meal! And it was a heck of a lot better for me than I would have gotten at work. 

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