Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Feast

When winter at last takes its hold,
The ground grown firm with ice and cold,
The winds around our houses moan,
With hope to chill us to the bone.

But in the shades of early night,
Our kitchens glow with warm delight.
Out pour scents to thrill and to whet
Our appetites, but oh, not yet.

We gather 'round our tables all,
Before the chefs put out the call,
Because we all anticipate
The food that will soon fill our plates.

The sides are ready for the feast,
And next in line, the wild beast.
Now we give thanks for food well-made
(It looks so tasty when displayed).

The winter months, they may be lean,
The weather cold, the storms are mean,
But never fear, all will be good!
We're sure to eat delicious food.

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