Monday, January 30, 2012

Eating Out in Ferndale

This past Sunday, Kimmy, Greg, and I met up for brunch (or blunch, according to the menu) at The Fly Trap, a "finer diner" located near the corner of 9 Mile and Woodward in Ferndale. I had checked out their site the night before, and was quite impressed with their menu. With offerings like "Eggs a la Boring" and "The Slacker Especial," it was obvious these people had a sense of humor.

Greg warned us ahead of time that there was always a wait to be seated, and it was cold, so luckily for most of the wait there was room for us to stand inside. Our wait actually wouldn't have been so long since pairs of people regularly departed the counter, but since there were three of us, we had to wait for a table to empty, which took a bit longer. I honestly didn't pay attention to how long we waited, so it must not have been too frustrating.

We all ordered coffee to drink, then Kimmy and I also requested small glasses of tangerine juice after I was delighted to discover it on the menu board above the counter. Tangerine juice is superior to orange juice in every way and tends to be seasonal up here (and probably elsewhere, as well), therefor a little difficult to find. The coffee tasted like diner coffee. It was drinkable and did not repel me like the coffee served at IHOP, for example .

I ended up getting the french onion soup omelette, which was freakin' amazing! Kimmy ordered the Slaker Especial, which I took a bite of and also enjoyed, while Greg got the Cowboy Curtis. Since that involved ribeye steak, I only tried a bit of the sauce on a piece of potato, and the sauce I thought was very tasty. Sweet followed by just enough bite to get your attention. 

Speaking of the potatoes, they were cooked. Very cooked. I was so happy! Usually when I go to breakfast places and order potatoes (hasbrowns, "American" fries, etc), I'm lucky if they're warm, let alone cooked through. These suckers were browned and they were delicious! 

In addition to a soup of the day, there seems to be a jam of the day (or some such period of time). When we received our toast (two plates of sourdough and one of whole wheat), we were also given a dish of spiced berry jam. I don't know what kind of berry it was, but it at least reminded me of red currant, and this, coupled with the spices, made the jam taste like Christmas. Kimmy agreed with me; we now know what Christmas tastes like. 

If you are ever in the Ferndale area, I suggest stopping for a bite at The Fly Trap. Just know that there will probably be a wait, though I think the food makes it worth it. You will be especially delighted if you are vegetarian or vegan.

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