Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greek Vegetables

With all the rich, sugary foods that the holidays brought, I've been striving to make healthier food in my kitchen that are heavy in vegetables. In my hunt for new recipes on how to make plain vegetables more appetizing, I found this really simple concoction called simply Greek Vegetables. I don't know how authentically Greek it is, but it sure sounded tasty to me, so I copied down the ingredients list and carried it with me to the store.

Unfortunately, I did my shopping near the end of the night, so a lot of stuff was already gone. I ended up with baby red potatoes and baby zucchini. The smaller potatoes were definitely the right way to go, as it turns out, but the baby zucchini ended a teensy bit overdone. I seem to have miscalculated on the cooking time required for the smaller bite-sized vegetables.

I also didn't use real garlic, relying instead, as I so often do, on garlic powder. Though the recipe doesn't call fr it specifically, I feel like I should have used Greek olive oil, but I didn't. I don't have the kind of money buying Greek olive oil requires, and the store was out of it anyway. (Actually, I don't think Trader Joe's carries it anymore.)

Rather than measure everything out, I just used the whole packages. There were so many potatoes that I ended up putting the sliced zucchini into another pan to also simmer in olive oil, oregano, and garlic powder. Once the zucchini was finished (well, a little past that point, as I already said), I dumped the zucchini into a bowl and put the mushrooms in its place in the pan of olive oil. The potatoes took quite a bit longer. In fact, they finished cooking about the time same time I deemed the mushrooms finished. 
With everything finished cooking, I combined them all in a big mixing bowl because that was the only thing I had large enough to contain it all, drained off a lot of the oil, and gently stirred it all together. I dished some out into a small bowl, but even that little bit took a very long to cool enough to be comfortably eaten. 

I think this was a very tasty combination, though less mushy zucchini would certainly help the texture if not exactly the flavor. Perhaps next time I will also make less potatoes, or cut them into smaller chunks, or just make more zucchini. The ratio definitely seemed off. (That may be what I get for not measuring.) The number of mushrooms, however, was spot on! Honestly, I don't think there can ever be too many mushrooms. Such delicious little crimini om nom nom...

Ahem. Anyway. This obviously works as a side dish, though it can work as a main entree, too, especially if you add more things to it. What those other things are, I leave up to you to decide. Me, I'm happy with mushrooms.

I think I may have stumbled on a new monthly theme, though. I intend to investigate more vegetable dishes, so why not start with Greek vegetable dishes? I've eaten plenty of Greek food in my days, but I've never attempted to make it. This should be fun! 

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