Monday, January 16, 2012

Mac 'N Cheese Night

Last week, my boyfriend came up with an idea for a very tasty Game Night theme: macaroni and cheese! He decided to make a four cheese baked mac 'n cheese while I found this the perfect opportunity to try out a recipe that I've been wanting to make for a while now, Alton Brown's Stove Top Mac 'n Cheese from scratch, no box.

I did have to tweak the recipe a bit. For starters, I doubled it. I also left out the hot sauce, because I can't stand hot sauce, and the dry mustard because on my tight budget I couldn't justify paying $3.50 for less than a teaspoon of something that I also couldn't think of another use for. And it turned out I didn't have enough evaporated milk, used leftover heavy whipping cream from the baked mac 'n cheese to make up what I lacked. Also, I did not salt and pepper it, though I was sorely tempted to use garlic salt. I prefer to leave things like salt and pepper up to the individual diners. I don't particularly like either substance, so in my own food, I like to leave them out. The cheese I chose was a sharp Vermont cheddar.

The end result was really tasty! Of the three mac 'n cheese main courses that were present, four cheese, stove top, and chili mac, my roommate Kimmy declared the stove top was her favorite. (I really liked the chili mac.) Everyone had a favorite, which I think means Mac 'N Cheese Night was a success! 
Side note: I was really hoping someone would try for a mac 'n cheese dessert, and I was not disappointed. (I would have tried myself if I'd had more time.) The dish was sort of like a vanilla custard with cooked macaroni inside and cheese. Most people did not like the texture, but it did not bother me. Ryan also made a blueberry sauce to go with it, which the dish definitely needed. It would have been too bland otherwise. 

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