Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beans and Corn

I've had a little luck finding traditional Native American recipes using traditional ingredients, but until I can get my hands on some corn meal (hopefully in a few days or so), I am more or less stuck with what I have around the apartment. In the freezer, I have a ton of frozen vegetables, among them corn, and in the cupboard is a can of black beans that never got used at a dinner party a few weeks ago. I decided to once again make soup. (Because it is both easy and lasts a while.)

I started by boiling a large chicken breast in one of my large spaghetti pots. The recipes I found for bean and corn soups called for salted pork, which I can't eat, so chicken it was (again). Once the chicken was mostly cooked, I cut it up into small chunks and added a half cup of frozen corn to the boiling brew, soon followed by one drained can of black beans. (The type of bean called for varied by region of origin. I guess this makes it Southwest?) I also added a pinch or two of kosher salt to help bring out some of the flavor.

The first taste test was lacking to me, even with that wonderful mix of flavors, so I ended up adding a few scoops of tomato puree that was sitting in my fridge. A lot of recipes for soups online called for beans, corn, and tomatoes, which sounded like a wonderful combination to me! And the result was a richer flavor. Certainly not bad for just using what I had on hand. To sweeten it up just a hair, I also added a dash of cinnamon.

Rather than eat the soup right away, I did what I have never before done. I put it in Tupperware and froze it to be used another day. Right now our fridge is rather full of leftovers, so I want to eat those first, plus it's going to be really handy having ready made meals in the freezer for future work days. Too often I come home from work for my lunch break with no idea what to eat or without enough time to cook what I have.

Here's hoping next time I have some corn meal so I can make all kinds of new recipes!

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