Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seattle Day One: Beth's Cafe and Veraci Pizza

Our first day in Seattle required a hearty breakfast. Greg suggested we hunt down Beth's Cafe, a close-by location he had seen on the Travel Channel's show Man vs. Food. (Beth's has also been featured on many other Travel and Food Network programs. For a full list, see their website.) With the aid of my trust GPS, we quickly found the cafe, and, happily, parking was also easy to obtain (a trend that would continue through most of Seattle, surprising both of us). 

My first impression of Beth's was that it was small, but obviously a fun place. The walls are covered in crayon drawings created by patrons as they dined. Our waitress was on break for the moment, so another guy who doesn't usually wait tables took over for her. He was goofy and apologetic for being so inept, but he had nothing to be sorry for. When the regular waitress took over, she asked if we wanted to color while we waited for out order, and we both chimed "yes!" You've got to love a place that gives you crayons and paper when you are over the age of 6.

What Beth's is most known for, however, is the 12 egg omelette and "neverending" hashbrowns. Neither of us took advantage of the hashbrown deal, but Greg did order a 6 egg omelette that proved to be too much for him. I managed to eat my two eggs, plate full of hashbrowns, and English muffin which I loaded with delicious strawberry jam from a pot placed on the table.

I give Beth's Cafe an A++ for breakfasts! If you are in the Seattle area, definitely stop by. You can search the walls for Greg's 11th Doctor and TARDIS drawing or my less interesting "hi from Ann Arbor" scribble. 

Much later that day, after the sun had set and many adventures that will be chronicles in my Life From A2 blog, Greg and I stopped for dinner at another restaurant that was acknowledged by the land of television, Veraci Pizza, though we didn't know they had won best pizza in North America according to Eat St, a show on the Cooking Channel. 

I don't know about the best (I'm a little partial to Chicago style myself), but Veraci Pizza definitely has a good thing going and serves the most authentic Italian style pizza that I have had outside of Rome, Italy. The blend of spices is perfetto; no one taste overpowers any other. The service is quick, too. For dessert, Greg got a scoop of vanilla custard gelato while I ordered burnt sugar, which tasted like the crusty top of my favorite dessert crème brûlée. When I took a bite of both of our desserts together, it tasted just like crème brûlée, too. I don't think I'd order burnt sugar again, but gelato was certainly the best end to a wonderful dinner. And a good cap to our first day in Seattle!

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