Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seattle Day Three: Snoqualmie and Downtown Seattle

Our third day is Seattle actually took us outside of Seattle to the nearby city of Snoqualmie, famous for the beautiful Snoqualmie Falls. We didn't actually make it to downtown Snoqualmie, instead stopping off twice in a cute little four corners area off the road to the falls that was obviously a very modern construction with restaurants, shops, and a grocery store. (And two coffee shops. This is still in the Seattle region.) The main street was called Center. 

First we stopped for coffee at the SnoValley Coffee Co. I ordered a white chocolate mocha and a poppy seed muffin. Both were delicious! Later, on our way back from the falls, we had lunch at Spicoli Sub Shop. If you visit Snoqualmie, pay Spicoli a visit! The woman who runs it is friendly and makes everything herself, including the bread and roasting the turkey. The menu is varied and very affordable. A 6 inch sandwich is only $5 and packed with flavor. 

The most delightful thing about Spicoli, though, at least in my opinion, is the walls which resemble chalkboards. All of the walls, including the walls in the bathroom, are covered in quotations, many from movies, and some, I'm pretty sure, from books. Many I didn't recognize, but those I did made me smile, like the one from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, a movie that my family and I watch every year while decorating our Christmas tree. 

Another nifty thing about Spicoli is that they donate meals to children in need. With your meal you are given a slip of paper upon which you may write the name of a local school of your choice or, if you know of one, a child in need to whom Spicoli will deliver free sandwiches for school lunch. I'm not sure if this is a drawing that she does every week and it's a new school or a new child every week, or even a one time deal (though I wasn't given that impression), but any which way, it's a commendable program. 

Kitty corner from Spicoli and SnoValley Coffee Co. is an adorable little shop called My Cakes, which we had to check out. We ended up not actually ordering anything, but I did get a free sample of a strawberry churro that was delicious. I didn't know they came in strawberry! They also come in chocolate. I wish I had tried that sample, too. 

Back in Seattle that night, we decided on Ethiopian food since it's a cuisine that Greg has been wanting to try for a while, which has in turn piqued my interest, as well. We ended up at Pan Africa, a small restaurant attached to Pike Place Market that is also allegedly haunted by the ghost of someone who was supposed to have been murdered in the area behind the shop. (To read more about hauntings at Pike Place Market, check out my other blog here.) 

I don't know about ghosts, but the food was superb! (Though the lamb was a bit tough.) This was a fantastic introduction to African food for me, and I fully intend on going to the place here in Ann Arbor, the Blue Nile, for another round. We did not all share a plate at Pan Africa as it seems you do at the Blue Nile, so I was able to try some of Greg's food, as well, which included injera, a spongy flatbread that is used as a utensil to eat the vegetables and meat placed upon it, rather like a flattened out breadbowl. You may think this sounds like a strange way to eat one's food; I thought it was awesome. The curry that I ordered was some of the most flavorful curry that I have ever had, though, sadly, it did not come with injera

For dessert, we headed to Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream Shop, which actually has several locations in Seattle. We went to the downtown shop at 108 Pine St. I have seen Molly Moon's many times on television, and they are known for their wacky and unusual concoctions, such as balsamic strawberry and honey lavender. They were out of the balsamic strawberry when I went, so I ordered earl grey instead. It was fantastic! At least as good as the earl grecrème brûlée that I had at Tea Haus in Ann Arbor. I wish I could have it all the time.

In addition to the ice cream, there were also a bunch of specialty chocolates for sale, including salted caramels that has President Obama's face stamped onto them, hence the picture. 

And with dessert comes the end of this entry, and probably also the end this little adventure into Seattle's delicious eateries. I hope you enjoyed it! Monday's will be about our day trip to Portland, which pretty much turned into a food trip. We ate so much awesome stuff! If you are vegan and headed to Portland, you should definitely pay attention. Until then, have a good St. Patrick's Day, everybody!

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