Monday, April 9, 2012

Let the Feast of Spring Begin!

I apologize for not updating on Thursday. We don't really have internet in our new apartment yet, so I am updating from my mother's house while we visit for the Easter holiday. Speaking of...

It's that time again! Time to decorate eggs. Last year, Kimmy and I did "stained glass" eggs. This year, we kept it simple and used a more traditional, no frills decorating kit. We had six colors and eight eggs. We couldn't find any crayons, so we just tried to get creative with the dying process. I remember mixing white vinegar with the water for the dye tablets when I was a kid, but we don't have any vinegar. The package suggested using lemon juice with water, so we ended up doing that, though we never did figure out exactly what the lemon juice was supposed to do.

Kimmy started with a University of Southern California themed egg, half yellow and half red. I countered with a blue and maize colored egg for the University of Michigan. The maize resulted from dips in orange followed by yellow to intensify the color. I also made a red and green egg because it was pretty. 

But half and half is easy and ordinary. We started further experimenting with layering colors and ended up with an egg that we dubbed the dinosaur egg. It was mostly reddish purple with speckles all over it. I had a hard time getting the purple to be as purple as I wanted, and after a few baths in purple, blue, and red, my purple egg also ended up a little dinosaur egg-looking, as well.

With a lot of diligence, I did end up with an intense blue egg. I think I had to let it dry three times and dunk it for a few minutes in between. The blue egg was the first to become breakfast the next day. It was delicious. 

Last year, our eggs ended up being deviled. This year, they will probably just be cracked open and eaten for breakfasts before heading into work. It was a busy weekend, so there was no time to spend on turning the eggs into anything special. But we had fun and worked hard on them, so that makes them special enough for my stomach. 

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