Monday, April 2, 2012


This past weekend was spent moving. As of now, our kitchen is still in shambles. There are boxes covering the counters and all over the floor. The good news is this new kitchen is about twice the size of the old one! I can't wait to cook in there. 

I guess technically I already have made something. I didn't really feel like having leftover Chinese for breakfast (again), and I had forgotten about the leftover mac 'n cheese from Twisted Rooster, so I dug out the toaster and made peanut butter toast with the last of my bread. Win! Though the toaster did shoot one piece of toast into the air and down to the floor. (Boo.)

Speaking of Twisted Rooster, that place is awesome. There are three locations, Belleville (where I now live), Chesterfield (no idea where that is), and Grand Rapids (I know where that is, and apparently some friends of my friend occasionally play live music there). Not only is the food unique and delightfully flavorful, they use Michigan sources as much as possible. Anything that boosts the local economy makes me happy. 

I had the Twisted Mac 'n Cheese, which I was told is one of their specialties. I understand why, and I highly recommend it to others. We also got the hot crab and artichoke dip. Even my roommate Kimmy liked it, and she has often claimed that she doesn't like crab. I personally believe she has just been eating the wrong crab. Probably West Coast crab, which is inferior to East Coast crab, especially crabs from the New England region. Mmm, so sweet and tasty... If you ever get the chance to eat blue crab, do so.

Oh, another fun thing about Twisted Rooster is they serve Faygo. Yeah, Michigan native pop! I got a bottle of grape. The really nifty thing was that when I was done with my drink, she offered me one from the fountain at no additional charge. I chose Cherry Coke which is what I was going to order before she mentioned the Faygo. 

I think next time I need to get a Rock 'N Rye. I foresee spending many evenings at Twisted Rooster. There is a full bar, too!

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