Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Bar With A View

In our further efforts to explore my new town, my boyfriend Greg and I ended up over at Johnny's Grill in downtown Belleville. We were both very impressed!

For starters, the interior is very clean and has a fantastic view of Belleville Lake. In fact, being right on the water, you can get to Johnny's via your boat. Just tie up at their back dock and hop out for a snack or some drinks. I observed a number of people coming and going this way. There were also a number of geese and ducks (with babies in tow!) hanging around the docks. We also saw some really big fish skim the surface of the water now and again. Really big fish. The fish were even chasing the ducks, and were probably big enough to eat the ducks, had they chosen to do so.

Anyway. As some people on Yelp noted, there was no one manning the host station, so Greg and I just started to seat ourselves, which garnered the attention of the hostess/waitress who came over to greet us and invite us to sit anywhere. We picked a table by the giant window so we could overlook the lake, of course. Greg later commented that he might have wanted the waitress to stop by more to check on us, though we didn't actually have any problems that we needed her to resolve. 

Although I didn't order any alcohol (Greg got a Bell's Two Hearted Ale, which they had on tap, and I a grenadine Coke), I was delighted by their cocktail menu. The next time I want a mojito or a mai tai, I know where to go! There were a few drinks that I didn't recognize, and the descriptions didn't help as they were comprised of alcohol that I equally didn't recognize. Which, I feel, calls for a return trip with the express purpose of taste-testing. 

For dinner, I ordered the Southwest Chicken which came with a cup of soup (well, I chose the soup, anyway) and a baked potato. The soup I picked was chicken tortilla, and it was delicious!! I really could have eaten more than just the tiny cup. It had a very homemade feel to it, and was packed with flavor while not being very spicy, a plus for me. The main entree defeated me. I managed to eat half the baked potato and one of the two large chicken breasts. The waitress thought that I didn't like it, but I assured here that I did, it was just too much food for one sitting. Greg ordered the turkey sandwich on a pretzel roll that he quite enjoyed. He also loved the fries, which I agreed were pretty tasty, but I don't like coatings on my fries, so that was a minus for me.

I've been somewhat disappointed by a lot of restaurants lately because their menus don't offer me, a person who eats very little red meat, many tempting options. Not so with Johnny's Grill. They had plenty of awesome-sounding chicken dishes as well as some vegetarian options that I wouldn't mind trying, and the prices were quite reasonable, especially considering the portions sizes. Greg and I agreed that Johhny's is definitely worth going back to, probably on a week night again as I gathered that the weekends are much, shall I say, livelier. Of course, if that is the kind of atmosphere you are looking for, then this could be the place for you!

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