Monday, May 14, 2012

Boxed Lunches

Since I've started commuting to work rather than walking, I have been bringing my lunch with me rather than walking home like I used to. And since I am also poor, I am limited on what to bring with me. For a little while, I was simply packing up leftovers into little square Tupperwares, or odds and ends in the fridge like a tub of yogurt. I have this Tupperware that is divided into three sections, so I try to pick a main dish with two sides, or one side and one dessert.

Lately, I have been making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Italian loaf as the main entree. Sometimes I pick strawberry jam, but more usually it's grape jelly because, for some unknown to me reason, grape jelly is much cheaper than any other kind. A few weeks ago, Kimmy made a big salad for Game Night, and there were plenty of leftovers, so I've been trying to be somewhat healthy and put a little salad in one of the side slots of my Tupperware.

On the other side of the Tupperware, I was putting orange Jell-o until that was gone, then one day while I was searching in the fridge for something, anything to add to my meager meal, I found some old celery that was starting to bruise. An idea struck me: ants on a log! I'd been talking about ants on a log with friends and substituting cookie butter for peanut butter. I wasn't sure I wanted to go that far, so I made three ants on a log with peanut butter, then decided to go for it and make one with cookie butter.

It was okay. Surprisingly, I found the cookie butter ants on a log to be less flavorful than the ones made with traditional peanut butter. Even so, it didn't taste bad. It's definitely a snack I wouldn't tell people to avoid making. Kids would probably like it. Of course, the lack of protein (peanut butter) and increase in sugar makes the snack significantly less healthy. 

I'm now out of Kimmy's salad, and I liked it so much that I thought I'd make one myself, keep it in a large Tupperware bowl in the fridge, and dish out small bits like I did with the last one. Maybe with some cooked chicken this time, or sliced eggs.

Speaking of eggs, I boiled four of them to keep in the fridge for future snacking. I figure they'l be convenient sources of protein for the days I am sick of peanut butter and jelly. (Though I have always found PB&J a difficult sandwich to become sick of.)

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