Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nacho Fries

I have a problem with restaurants that serve crispy and delicious french fries – they give me too many! I hate heating up leftover french fries at home, but even more I hate throwing away perfectly good fries, so I bring them home with me anyway. Often my roommate will eat them for me, so all is well. However, over the last few weeks a total of three leftover fries boxes accumulated in our fridge. Since I was loathe to throw them away, I decided I had better find a way of making them tolerable again so I could contentedly eat them

This is when the idea of nacho fries entered my head. They serve something similar as an appetizer at Twisted Rooster, though they use waffle fries (and they are superb). To reconstitute the saggy, white fries, I sprayed canola oil into a frying pan and set it on a medium flame on the stove. My brother taught me long ago that the secret of getting fried potatoes crispy is to cover them while they're cooking, so I put a lid on the pan while I dug through the fridge to see what I could come up with for toppings.

We were very unfortunately out of sour cream, though there was salsa, the main ingredient, and, of course, shredded cheese; Mexican blend in this case. I considered frying some mushrooms, too, but that didn't quite seem to go with my theme.

So once the french fries were suitable crispy again, I dumped them onto a plate, emptied the rest of the salsa jar (a meager amount) on top, then sprinkled on a generous amount of shredded cheese. I probably should have done the cheese first, as it didn't melt, and I felt the need to zap the nacho fries in the microwave for 20 or so seconds to melt the cheese and bring everything to a more even temperature.

I ate them with a fork since I was working on projects at the time, and it was such a mess. A delicious, delicious mess. I think next time I should add grilled chicken and sour cream and really make a meal out of it rather than just a snack.

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