Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Brief Post

This lack of internet at home thing is really bugging me. I've had some really busy days lately that have made it very difficult to update my blogs! 

At the moment, I am sitting at DiBella's in Ann Arbor and using their free wifi, fresh from an interview for a second job. (I've got my fingers crossed real tight for this one!) DiBella's has - hands down - the BEST submarine sandwiches in the entire state of Michigan. It's true that I have not personally tried every sandwich shop in Michigan to make this statement with complete authority, but I feel pretty confident in my assessment. DiBella's is just that good. I highly recommend the assorted Italian on everything bread; toasted or cold doesn't matter.

I have this big update on a day trip that Kimmy and I took last week, but I don't have the pictures ready for it yet. (Boo!) It's such a special update that I really want to take the time to do it up right, so that will have to wait for the next update on Thursday.

Update: My boyfriend Greg was able to procure us some of the previously mentioned Mountain Dew jelly. It honestly doesn't taste that strange at all. Very lemony. Or citrusy. In the same way that we say wine taste citrusy when there is absolutely no citrus involved. Yes. It's like that. Seriously, it's not that bad. I put it on a piece of toast with my breakfast the other day, and other than being very sweet, it was perfectly enjoyable. It's probably not something that I would buy on a regular basis, but it's not so bad that I'd regret the purchase by any means.

So there you have it. My brief, perfectly random blog post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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