Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cheese (And Meat)

Not having the internet in my own home makes it extremely difficult to regularly update a blog, let alone three blogs, one of which updates daily. I have also been very busy, and really haven't made the time to make meals. The few that I have put together have either already been written about in this blog, or are simply not interesting enough to update about. Breakfast has been extremely carbtastic, much to my chagrin (but what can you do when your resources and time are severely limited?), and dinners have been scrounged at work and generally revolve around a sandwich now that I am on nearly all midnight shifts.

For a few weeks there, I was eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which, though satisfying to my mouth, are not exactly fulfilling to my stomach. A week or so ago, my boyfriend Greg brought me a giant hunk of imported provalone cheese at his mother's orders. Apparently, their fridge was too full of cheese. (I wish had that problem.) Once I was able to buy food again, I picked up some sliced turkey lunch meat so that I could make a more grown-up sandwich of meat and cheese, maybe even a few condiments.

The provalone proved to be a lot sharper than I am used to, very close to cheddar, though I suppose this makes sense since I usually consume provalone in the pre-sliced for-sandwich variety, and I find cheeses in this state tend to be much more on the moist and floppy side than crumbly. The first sandwich I made with it practically had the turkey giving up all of its flavor to the cheese, which didn't mesh very well with the mustard and mayo that I had also spread onto the bread. My next sandwich gave up the condiments and was made with just cheese and meat. This made for a less complicated taste of competing flavors.

I really could just eat hunks of the provalone by itself since it is so flavorful. Which I will probably end up doing because my roommate isn't interested in it and there really is a ton of it. I don't know how much it cost, but it must have been a lot of money because it's priced at $9.95 per lb, and is obviously much more than 1 lb. I hope I can eat it all before it molds!

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