Friday, June 22, 2012

Eastern Market Booty

One place in Detroit that I've been wanting to visit for a while now, but have been unable to due to my busy work schedule, is the Eastern Market. Starting July 10th, it will be open Tuesdays, but until then, it is only active on Saturdays. Last Saturday, My boyfriend Greg went with his family and returned with some goodies.

The first interesting item that he brought us was pickled garlic. You read that right. And it is amazingly delicious! I was worried that it might be too strong for me, since I already have a hard time munching on straight up sauteed garlic. Pickled, however, seems to be a-okay to my taste buds. A lot of people at game night agreed. Somehow the vinegar mellows out the sharp flavor of the garlic. I'm not really sure what one is supposed to do with pickled garlic aside from eating straight out of the jar, and it's difficult to research uses when one does not have the internet ready at one's fingertips. I'm really rather content with eating straight out of the jar, though.

Side story: This reminds me that a coworker picked up some garlic tops (she said they were), long smooth threads that are supposed to be what grows out of the top of garlic bulbs. Talk about a concentrated garlic flavor! I think they'd be awesome in stir fry, or sliced up and mixed into a salad. Maybe even used as a pizza topping!

But back to Eastern Market treasures. Greg also brought me some peach melba jam from Fuhr's Valley View Fruit Farm. I'm not sure where the “melba” comes in; the jam is made from peaches and raspberries. It is quite tasty! The place that makes it is better known for its Mountain Dew jam made from genuine Mountain Dew. That was Greg's goal in shopping there, but, sadly, they hadn't brought any with them that morning. Another time, I guess. The jam is quite delightful spread onto toast, and at game night, we served it on shortbread cookies, which went over very well.

Hopefully, once the Market is open on a weekday, I can go there myself. Saturdays are extremely difficult to get off at my job, most especially during the summer when everyone wants to take weekend vacations. (I'm so grateful that I took Sunday out of my availability. There's one weekend day to myself, at least.)

If you are in the Detroit area, you should check out Eastern Market for yourself. I'm assured by everyone that it is well worth the trip.

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