Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grilled Chicken and Broccoli

On a rare day off, I decided to dig through my sparsely filled kitchen and find something healthy to make. The only protein I have at the moment is in the form of frozen chicken tenders, so I pulled those out first, along with the George Foreman grill I keep on top of my fridge.

The chicken went on the heated grill and on the chicken, I sprinkled on Himalayan pink salt, dried oregano (I wanted to try something different), garlic powder, and celery salt (which I have found terribly useful as of late). 

And while the chicken was cheerfully grilling away, I decided to steam some broccoli in the microwave, but I didn't want to just do buttered or salted broccoli, as I usually have it, so I decided to add some lemon juice, which I was inspired to use from my month of making Greek food, garlic salt (I keep both the salt and the powder in my cupboard), and dried thyme for something really different. 

I don't know if it was the thyme or the broccoli florets themselves, but the dish came out tasting very earthy, almost dirt-like. They did, however, compliment the chicken tenders, which is what was most important to me at the time. Since I used the Foreman grill and the microwave, none of this took very long to make, and I had my netbook set up on the counter - well out of the way of food stuffs - so I could watch classic episodes of Doctor Who while I cooked. 

I find that I can make some very tasty and simple dishes just by going through my spice cupboard. Doing the ethnically themed months has really introduced me to a lot of spices and their uses, so I am no longer afraid to try new things even when I have no idea how the flavor will turn out. Aside from the earthy taste to the broccoli, which was only a little unpleasant at times, I have yet to make something that I could not eat and even enjoy.

In fact, I didn't even stop here, but you'll have to wait until next time to read about that creation.

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