Thursday, June 14, 2012

Schuler's Restaurant & Pub

Along I-94 between Jackson and Battle Creek in the state of Michigan, there are at least four billboards for a restaurant called Schuler's Restaurant and Pub that is located in historic downtown Marshall, Michigan, exit 112. It turns out there are about four more billboards along I-69 to the south of I-94, too, but I wasn't familiar with those billboards until recently. Those on the sides of I-94 have been there for as long as I can remember, making Schuler's restaurant a fixture in my memory, though I had never been, nor had anyone I knew until I was into my twenties, and they were lured there by these same billboards.

And so, since my roommate Kimmy, my boyfriend Greg, and I all happened to be in Marshall last Monday in celebration of Kimmy's 25th birthday, I felt that we had no choice but to dine at the infamous, persistent Schuler's. I didn't realize this until we entered, but the establishment is divided into two dining areas, so to speak, much like I was used to from Kalamazoo's former Black Swan and Martell's (it's all Martell's now, and it's so lovely). To the left, upon entering, is Winston's Pub, which is where we sat down for lunch. 

As is befitting a pub, the menu was simple, but a very many things caught my eye, and I had a difficult time choosing my entree. The pub nachos were too enticing, so the three of us split a large order. It turns out, we would have done just fine with a small plate, but leftovers can be tasty, too! I settled on the Bistro Chicken Sandwich, which was both delicious and unexpectedly messy. I also ordered a Peach Sangria to drink, and my, was that ever delightful. Definitely a drink I would recreate at home. Very summery, as they say.

Much to my surprise, Greg did not order the Barbeque Pork Sandwich (something he nearly always orders at restaurants), instead opting for the Winston's French Dip. Kimmy was craving a burger, and requested they bring it to her as rare as they were willing to cook it. And they did. She reported that the burger was barely holding together because it was so lightly cooked, thus making her one happy birthday girl. 

I was very pleased to find that Schuler's did not disappoint as I half expected it to. With advertising like that, one can never be sure. Indeed, I was rather impressed, and I would definitely eat there again, and certainly go back and try the restaurant side of the establishment. I think I need to sample their creme brulee, as well as the peppermint ribbon pie that I spied on their dessert menu. Lemon-blueberry bread pudding doesn't sound half bad, either!

We didn't learn whether or not Schuler's is haunted, though given its long history and location (Marshall is one of the most haunted cities I think I have ever visited), it would not surprise me in the slightest. 

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