Monday, July 9, 2012

Afternoon Delight

After I moved to Ann Arbor from San Francisco, I went to the library and took out some books on the local area to find out what there was to do here. (The internet isn't always the best resource on such vague subject matter.) One travel book I found centered itself on Detroit, but stretched its fingers out and touched on cities as far away as Kalamazoo (I really can't figure that one out), including Ann Arbor. Strangely, despite Ann Arbor having numerous fabulous eateries, this particular book mentioned only one, and, in fact, stressed that  eating at this particular restaurant was an absolute requirement.

It turns out that I had actually passed Afternoon Delight many times on my way from up Liberty to and from Main. The name always caught my attention due to an episode of Arrested Development that featured the song. Since I kept passing it, and the book touted its excellence, I decided to check it out with my boyfriend when he mentioned going there last week. 

I was a little confused when I first walked in. I didn't see a menu posted, so I picked a paper one up from the counter. It turned out, we had to pick our food, order it at the register just inside, grab a tray and some silverware, pick up a cup and get a fountain drink if we chose (I so chose), then slide the tray down the line to a second register where we reported what we'd ordered from the first register and then paid for it. Our sandwiches came with a side of our choice, which we got to pick up from a salad bar. Everything we could fit in this tiny bowl counted as the free side. I piled on a bunch of fresh vegetables and covered them in ranch dressing (only light was available, sadly), while Greg actually made a little salad. 

We thought the prices were a bit high until the sandwiches were brought out by a server. They were large. Probably worth the price when coupled with my mountain of vegetables. I ordered what amounted to a seafood salad on a croissant, and it was pretty darn tasty! Even so, as much as we both enjoyed our sandwiches, I am not sure I would say Afternoon Delight is must-do. It's clean, it's good, and the prices aren't awful, but I definitely prefer DiBella's for tasty sandwiches in Ann Arbor. DiBella's is absolutely a MUST-EAT.

Even so, it's downtown on Liberty and offers a pretty healthy-looking fresh menu that might interest you if your're in the neighborhood.

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