Monday, July 2, 2012

Grilling Pizzas

The history of putting stuff on bread and grilling it dates back countless centuries. This week for game night, my boyfriend Greg decided to try a recipe he had for grilling pizzas on a backyard grill. The sauce was from scratch and included tomato paste, something like 12 various spices (I think; I don't actually remember), and honey. It was really quite tasty! And reminded me of the homemade sauce my mother used to make. I think the crusts were just rounds of pita bread. 

He started by painting the bread with olive oil, grilling it a bit on both sides, then spread on the sauce and added toppings. We had quite the topping spread, including mushrooms, pineapple bacon chicken sausage (yes, that's one thing), turkey pepperoni (delicious, I thought), onions, peppers, chunks of chicken, barbecue sauce, and probably some things that I am forgetting. Oh, and there were three or four types of cheese. Well, more, since one of those cheese choices was quattro formaggio

The first batch of pizzas were burned on the bottom and the toppings were cold, so I zapped mine in the microwave for 30 seconds. Greg turned down the heat on the grill to stop the bottom burning, but the toppings still didn't really seem to want to cook, so there was more microwave zapping after the pizzas came off the grill.

If we tried cooking less pizzas at a time and kept the lid down longer, the toppings might have cooked. It's something to try again later if we do it again, which I am not sure will happen. The pizzas mostly had the taste of a pizza cooked in a traditional wood-burning oven, but there just wasn't that all-encompassing heat like an oven has. 

In my opinion, it's a little difficult to go wrong with pizza. I feel that that the point of pizza is to go crazy experimenting. Every culture and country has their own twist on what a pizza is (Brazil likes corn as a topping, and Japan likes to put a different topping on each slice, known as a "mixed pizza"). If you attempt this for yourself, my advice is be cautious and conservative with your grill temperature. That's about all I can do. Have fun!

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