Monday, July 30, 2012

Leftover Potato Wedges

Remember that leftover oil mixture that I put into Tupperware from when I made the LemonOregano Potatoes? That's okay, I didn't really expect you to.

I also had some leftover potato wedges from KFC in the fridge, and as I have said before, I don't like leftover fries or wedges, or really anything like that. I also hate throwing away food, thus I decided to fry the potato wedges in the leftover lemon, oregano, oil concoction.

I guess their time in the fridge had dehydrated the potato wedges enough to completely absorb the oil, making the wedges incredibly oily and I think were left to cook too long, so they got really crispy. Crispy like chips. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of lemon flavor left in the mixture (somehow), so the flavor was not as lemony as I was hoping for. The oregano was a tasty addition, though.

Although I do like the refrying of fries thing, I wonder if next time I should reconstitute them by just baking them. Perhaps it would be less oily. Also, I definitely need to add fresh lemon juice. I used to dislike lemon juice that didn't come accompanied with alcohol, sour mix, or plain old sugar-water. But after my month of exploring Greek cooking, I've learned lemon juice with food can be quite delicious. And the last recipe combining potatoes and lemon juice was nice and tasty.

I guess the next doggy bag of leftover fries that I bring home is a wealth of new possibilities. (It's possibly depressing how often this happens.)

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