Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie in One Hour

I'm not sure if I have included this on my blog yet; I know I have not made it in quite some time, though I used to make it a lot during college! What I am talking about is quick and easy chicken pot pie. I think I got the recipe years ago off the back of a Bisquick box, but I tend to use Jiffy mix instead since it is both cheaper and manufactured just down the road in Chelsea, MI, so by purchasing Jiffy mix over Bisquick, I am supporting the Michigan economy.

And boy, does our economy ever need the support! I encourage you all to also buy Jiffy mix. Also beet sugar rather than cane sugar, if you can find it. I used to encourage people to shop at Borders, too, since its HQ was located in Ann Arbor, MI, but since I can't do that anymore, please support your own local bookstore. B&N doesn't need the help. Nor does Amazon.

Back to the cooking! Chicken pot pie is very easy and very quick to put together. The longest part for me is cooking the chicken, which I tend to just throw in a pot and boil, then slice when it's cooked through. This is a great recipe to use with leftover chicken for that reason.

While the two chicken breasts are boiling (two is a nice number, and a lot of chicken shrinks in the cooking process, so one is rarely enough), I gather my other ingredients. In a glass pie dish, I put just under two cups of frozen mixed vegetables. This time, I mixed the veggies myself because I didn't exactly have of frozen mixed vegetables. You can do whatever you want. To this I added one can of cream of chicken soup and stirred.

In a mixing bowl, I put one cup of Jiffy mix, a half cup of milk, and one egg. It's kind of nice to do this early because while I am finishing mixing the chicken with the soup and veggie mixture, the Jiffy mixture rises a bit and becomes almost fluffy.

Once the filling of the pie (cut up chicken, cream of chicken soup, and mixed veggies) is thoroughly blended in the pie pan, I scoop the Jiffy mixture over top and spread it out as evenly as I can. Then into the oven it goes to bake for 30 minutes at 400F. Since the chicken is precooked, and frozen veggies cook in minutes, you are looking for the crust of the pie to become golden brown.

Et voila! Homemade chicken pot pie in under an hour.  

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