Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Town Tavern in A2

Old Town Tavern in Ann Arbor is tucked away on the corner of Liberty and Ashley, and was quite overlooked by me until I was walking back to my car one night and realized there were a number of restaurants located in that small bit of Liberty between Main and Ashley. Old Town Tavern is certainly the most reasonably priced and offers fare that is quite befitting a place that calls itself a tavern.

The building is over 100 years old and has housed a number of businesses, including a saloon at the turn of the previous century. The list of drinks is delightfully varied and includes some favorites like Tom Collins, my order (though I am not generally fond of gin), and something called a side car, which Greg ordered. (A side car is comprised of brandy, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.)

Due to a kitchen disaster that resulted in charred food flying out of the kitchen door near our table, and apparently some unflattering language on the part of the staff, Greg and I ended up receiving our drinks for free. I honestly don't remember anyone saying anything, let alone that I would have found offensive, and it wasn't our food that ended up charred on the floor. I also completely understood that it delayed us getting our food a bit while they put the kitchen back in order. (And really, I didn't notice the delay.) They didn't have to give us our drinks for free, but I thought it was very classy of them to do so, and certainly gives me a great impression of them. I'd like to return and bring friends with me as a result. I might have done so even without the free drinks, but what they say about good customer service is true: it's memorable and brings many happy returns.

Since they ran out of pulled barbecue pork, Greg had to go with his second usual, a burger, which he ended up thoroughly enjoying. I ordered a chicken burrito because I'd been craving burritos for some reason. It came with house salsa that was, truly, utterly fabulous. I would go back and just order a dish of chips and salsa, seriously. The chips, I believe, were also house-made. I do look forward to trying more foods from their expansive menu, however.

And definitely more drinks!

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