Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Food Carts in Ann Arbor

The nice thing about working in downtown Ann Arbor is that I get to learn about all the cool stuff that's there. This includes some cute little shops, but mostly is means food. And believe me, people are more than happy to share their favorite food finds. This is how I found about Mark's Carts, a gathering of food trucks in a little courtyard on Washington between Ashley and 1st St, maybe a block and a half west of Main. At night, there is live music, so it's a groovy place to hang out for a quick and easy dinner. (Hours vary by individual cart.)

There are  eight carts to choose from, and range from ethnic deliciousness to simple things like pizza and grilled cheese. Yes, there is an entire food truck devoted to grilled cheese. Most of the food is locally sourced, and there is a kitchen on-site where they can prepare their dishes. The pizza cart actually has an outdoor wood-burning oven where they cook their pizzas in two minutes. (You can watch them cook. It's neat.) Many will offer free samples to help you make the difficult decision of where to eat. 

This last Saturday was Mark's Carts 2nd Annual Cook-Off. Customers were invited in to try free samples of dishes from all eight carts and then to vote for their favorite. Last year the winner was Hut-K Chaats. I tried a sample of the winning dish, and it was very delicious! I was sad not to be able to participate in this year's event, but I look forward to eating the winner.

On my first trip to Mark's Carts, I was with my boyfriend Greg, and we settled on sharing a pizza Margherita  with ice cream for dessert. Both were very tasty. Greg wants to go back and try the grilled cheese truck, Cheese Dream, and I want to try the mysteriously named duck fries from Debajo del Sol, which Greg tried when he found their cart before at another location.

In case you adhere to a specific diet, like veganism or vegetarianism, there are also plenty of options for you. In fact, I think every cart has at least a vegetarian option, and some, like the Lunch Room, are completely vegan. 

So if you're in Ann Arbor, and you're looking for a different kind of place that is more than reasonably priced, totally check out Mark's Carts. If you park in the neighborhoods just two blocks to the west, you don't even have to pay for parking. It's totally worth the walk. In fact, it's probably closer than the parking garages that cost $1.10 per hour. Just keep an eye on the time of day and which side of the street you need to park on when - signs are posted.

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